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Colour Painting Service Saturday 20th April 2019


Denise Sheard (Artist) &

Medium and Author

Jim Cork


Start time 7:30 PM to 9:00 PM

On Saturday 20th April 2019, Jim Cork (Medium and Author) will be taking a Colour Painting Reading service with Denise Sheard. These are very popular and show how it's possible to read your character by the item you choose.  


When you come into the church you will be given a piece of paper with several tick boxes selections to choose from. These will consist of i.e. flower, arch, fence also the colour of your choice of the item.


You may choose up to 3 items. A number will be on the paper, you keep the other part. At the start of the service, all the papers will be brought to the front.


Denise will then paint what you have chosen. Jim will then read your character from what Denise has painted. Once Jim has finished, he will ask who has the number and what percentage out of 10 was accurate. Denise will then pick out another paper. At no time does Jim know who he is talking to until the end.

Painting No 1 Reeeds



As this is a very popular service, you are advised to come early as our church can only hold 60 persons seated.


Denise & Jim have travelled far and wide demonstrating this way of working, and are always juggling time to fit them into their very busy schedules

Example painting

Entrance charge is £4 non-members & £2.50 members. Tea and Coffee after the service will be free. There may be a charge for other drinks.


It must also be pointed out what Denise paints is not Rembrandt quality but, a representative of what you have chosen



Jim has been working with Denise for many years demonstrating this way of working. This started as an experiment and became popular very quickly. The rapport between Denise and Jim is first class.


At one stage, Denise and Jim were the only two in the country working in this way, and showed that you can read a person’s character from a painting of the flower or item that you choose.


All proceeds from this evening will go to the neonatal clinic.