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Just recently, we had several comments regarding our services on zoom due to our church being closed. I want to share some of these comments with you, and thank you for your kind words.

• Love the zoom services without them we couldn't attend being in Redding.


• I love the zoom meetings. It's brought us together with people we wouldn't normally meet.


• We get together on zoom. No rush to open better to stay safe.


• I love zoom but miss meeting people.


• I totally agree with your outcome.


• Don't rush. We would miss you on zoom. It's a long way from South Shields and we are loving your services.


• Best to be safe. I love the church zoom meetings. Everyone is so friendly.


• Yep, don't rush back we will miss, as we are a long way from Grimsby plus, you're a friendly lot.


• You are doing the right thing thanks for all your hard work.


• It's so hard the church being closed but, your zoom services are going from strength to strength keeping people

  connected. So love serving Grimsby.


• Safety first, glad you are all keeping safe.


• That's good because couldn't make it to Grimsby from Essex.


• Lovely open circle. Well done to all the workers.

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