Grimsby Spiritualist Church


35-39 Duncombe Street Grimsby DN32 7SG   Church Phone No: 07751834093   Church Charity No. 1165193


Jim Cork with fledgling Clair Bell

As you will know, fledgelings need to build their confidence up by experience. It is only by working with other mediums on the rostrum can they do this.


Jim Cork has over many years always been pleased to help those up-and-coming mediums to gain that experience, by allowing them to share the rostrum with him.


Please come and give your support to the mediums of the future by attending on Sunday 6th October 7 pm.


On this occasion, Jim will be supporting Clair Bell. Clair has been on the rostrum with Jim in the past, and is looking for a little more confidance before taking that bigger step.


Your support as always will be very much appreciated.


Thank you.


Jim Cork.