Grimsby Spiritualist Church


35-39 Duncombe Street Grimsby DN32 7SG   Church Phone No: 07751834093   Church Charity No. 1165193


Monday 7 PM online meditation. After meditation a short discussion.


Tuesday 7 PM online absent Spiritual Healing.


Wednesday 7 PM to 8:30 PM online Open Circle.


Friday and Saturday 7:30 PM to 8:30 PM providing we can secure a medium,

we will hold an online evening of mediumship.


Tuesday Coffee morning 11 AM to 1 PM online.


you will need to load Zoom on your computer to be able to join in on our online services.

You will also need a camera and microphone


Download Zoom

Copy and past this link or click on the green link below.

The link for each service will be uploaded to our Facbook page

about 45 minutes before the start.

Church Services online

On Friday, 5 June 2020 I will be taking a photo service starting at 7:30 PM to approximately

9 PM. You will need to send Mandy Tyson a copy of the picture that you wish me to read.


You can send Mandy the picture through her Facebook page one week before. The picture ideally should be just one person and that person must be in spirit.


When I see the picture that Mandy presents to me, the number will be announced but you do not say that it is yours until after I have finished the reading.


After the reading I will then ask who has that number who picture belongs to, and also as to the accuracy of the reading. I hope during the reading to be able to give you a message from that person.


If you send a picture through to Mandy on the night, these will only be accepted up to 7 PM after that time that cannot be excepted.