Grimsby Spiritualist Church


35-39 Duncombe Street Grimsby DN32 7SG   Church Phone No: 07751834093   Church Charity No. 1165193


Joanne Csaszar

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If you would like to fill in one of the small cards and place it on our remembrance tree, you are most welcome to do so.


There is a collection tin for your donations. All the money raised will be given to a charity.


Remembrance Tree

If you have trouble negotiating our front steps, just ask us to open the emergency exit where you will find it easy to enter.  


There is also a ramp to help you enter our emergency exit.

Help Is At Hand

If you require one of our programs, flyers or posters posting to you, please contact one of our committee members with your details and Jim will be glad to send you one free of charge.  


If you require any of our information in braille, Jim will be glad to print this off for you. As above, just ask one of our committee members.



Programs, Flyers and Posters

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May we remind you that your 2020 membership fee is now due?


Although there is a grace period, we would recommend that you submit your remittance before the grace period ends.


Otherwise, this could mean you will have to fill in another form to become an associate member, as your full membership will lapse and we cannot back track.


Shamanic Drumming

This will be held on Friday 17th January 2020. Start time is around 8 PM to 10 PM.


If you do not have your own drum, there will be several there.



You are required to pay a £5 a non-refundable deposit to secure your place.

New Meditation Group

Our church is pleased to announce the start of its meditation group.


The first evening will be held on Monday 3rd February 2020.


The evening will start at 7:30 PM and entrance will be £2 across the board.


Please note, after a period of time the group will be closed and you will not be able to join until the next one begins.