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and Healing Sanctuary

Trainee Spiritual Healing Medium

If you are thinking of becoming a trainee spiritual healing medium, please click on the link below.

Just click

Denise Sheard & Jim Cork Report

Denise Sheard & Jim cork once again took an evening of Art & mediumship to nearly a full church.


The evening was to raise money for the Grimsby

Neo-Natal clinic. I am pleased to report £95 was raised and a kind person added the extra £5 to make the total to £100 plus £20 from Denise. £120 in total.


Denise and I would like to thank everyone for their contribution to the evening. May we also add our thanks to those working behind the scenes for bringing the evening together.

Church Programs

Please remember, if you need one of our programs delivered to your home address or, would like it embossed in braille and posted to you, Jim Cork will be pleased to send one to your home address or an address of your choice. Just let us know where and what format you would like it in.


Both these services are free of charge, and can be sent on a regular basis.

Shamanic Drumming Workshop

The Shamanic Drumming evening is relaxing for everyone.  


If you listen and don’t participate in the drumming itself, you may still benefit.


Drums are provided if you don’t have your own.  Why not come along and witness the atmosphere for yourself? You will be very welcome.


No entrance charge just a free will offering.

New & Old Speakers

Mandy Tyson, our Speakers Secretary, has secured for some of this and next year 15 new speakers.


Mandy has also brought back some of our older speakers who lost touch. I’m also pleased to report that Mandy is working on next year’s workshops and specials.


If there is a workshop that you would like us to consider, then please talk to a committee member.


Some of the new speakers are coming from as far away as Manchester, Leeds and near Kent.


Like some other churches, we have a cap on how much we can pay. The new speakers from a great distance away have agreed to this, and we look forward to seeing them.


I am pleased to say, we have a list of speakers  waiting to serve our church, and this is testament to Mandy for the way she has embraced the role of Speakers Secretary.


I can also confirm that new, interesting and educational workshops are planned for 2020. Some of our speakers and demonstrators will be doing some, while new and exciting speakers will be taking others.


Healing Awareness Day


Healing day poster Saturday 11 May 2019 final JPEG

Please come along and find out what you need to do to become a trainee Spiritualist Healing Medium within our church. All your questions will be answered.

Shamanic drumming poster April 26th 2019

Permission was given from those in the picture above to be posted on here and to be filmed and shown on YouTube.


To vew the video, goto YouTube and type in Shamanic drumming Grimsby.

Introduction to Spiritualism

On Friday 21st June from 7 PM, Gail Davis will be taking an evening entitled ‘An introduction to Spiritualism.’


If you are thinking of attending an awareness group, then we believe this will benefit you.


If you have just joined our church, this will give you more information on our history and movement.


There will be no entrance charge, just a free will offering. All are welcome.


Name Card Won

I’m pleased to say that our name card has been drawn and won by Jill.


Jill will soon be the proud owner of our singing bowl. Well done.


We hope it will bring many years of happiness.