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Jim Cork has over many years experimented with reading different items such as cards, jewellery, ribbons, flowers etc.


He has been reading pictures of loved ones in the world of spirit that members have brought for some time in this, and other churches that he has served.


Jim started with one as an experiment and was in part successful, and tried several others that he felt drawn to over the next few months. Each one became more successful.


All forms of mediumship however performed is an experiment as there can never be any guarantee.


The mediums are only the link between the two worlds.


with Medium & Author


Jim Cork


Saturday 8th June 2019

7:30 PM to 9 PM


Entrance £4.00 non members & £2.50 members of our church

If you have a picture of a loved one who has passed to the world of spirit, and would like Jim to read this, why not come along to this service?


Please place your picture in a sealed envelope. You will be given a raffle ticket with one part attached to the envelope. You keep the other half.


The number on the envelope selected at random will be read out by the Chairperson and the envelope opened by them. With the picture being placed in front of Jim. Please do not say that it is number number that has been called out.


Jim will then read the person in the picture, and only at the end of the reading will ask who has that number, and the accuracy of the reading. Jim will them proceed to the next one.


It must be remembered that items such as ribbons, cards and so on etc. are the first step to making a more spiritual connection and these are mear props.  


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All mediumship is experimental in nature. The use of flowers, Ribbons, Cards and photographs is a way of demonstrating how we may contact our loved ones using such items. This is still based on evidential communication.


Light refreshments except canned drinks will be served after the service free of charge.



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