Grimsby Spiritualist Church


35-39 Duncombe Street Grimsby DN32 7SG


Church Phone No: 01472 - 240280     Church Charity No. 1165193

and Healing Sanctuary           Disabled access

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Service Times and Order of Service

1.    Welcome by Chairperson at 7.30 PM.

2.    First hymn.

3.    Opening prayer by speaker.

4.    Second hymn.

5.    Demonstration of mediumship by the speaker.

6.    Chairperson calls time at approximately 8.30 PM.

7.    Closing hymn & free will offering.

8.    Closing prayer by speaker.

9.    Vesper (Lord Keep Us Safe This Night).

10.  Chairperson reads notices for the week ahead.

11.  Tea, Coffee & biscuits.

1.    Welcome by Chairperson at 7.00 PM.

2.    First hymn.

3.    Opening prayer by speaker.

4.    Prayers and healing hymn.

5.    Readings (from books) by members of the congregation.

6.    Second hymn.

7.    Philosophy by medium (Short talk).

8.    Third hymn.

9.    Demonstration of mediumship by the speaker.

10.  Chairperson calls time at approximately 8.30 PM.

11.  Closing hymn & free will offering.

12.  Closing prayer by speaker.

13.  Vesper (Lord Keep Us Safe This Night).

14.  Chairperson reads notices for the week ahead.

15. Tea, Coffee & biscuits.

Saturday Evening of Mediumship

Sunday Divine Service with Mediumship

Tuesday Spiritual Healing

1.    Welcome by Chairperson at 6.30 PM.

2.    Meditation to help us relax before Spiritual Healing. 6.30 PM - 6:50 PM.

3.    Explanation of what Spiritual Healing is all about (Chairperson) 7 PM.

4.    Chairperson asks Healers to prepare for the healing of patients.

5.    Invitation to sit on a chair in the middle of the room.

6.    When healing of patients has taken place, closing prayer.

7.    Chairperson reads notices for the week ahead.

8.    Tea, Coffee & biscuits if required.


The above order may be changed from time-to-time.

Wednesday Open Circle

1.    Welcome by Chairperson at 7.30 PM and reads the notices for the week head.

2.    Chairperson hands over to the Circle Leader.

3.    Explanation of what the Open Circle is about (Circle Leader).

4.    Opening prayer by Circle Leader followed by declaring the Circle open.

5.    Chairperson calls time at approximately 8.45 PM.

6.    Closing prayer by the circle leader.

7.    Tea, Coffee & biscuits.


Please come early as once the circle is full, the doors will be closed. Also, be seated by 7:20 PM as this will give time to bring the chairs in and arrange the circle before the start at 7:30 PM.


Free will offering.  


Sorry, no under 16's are allowed in the 'Open Circle' even with an adult.


1.     Welcome by Chairperson at 7.30 PM.

2.     Hymn (optional).

3.     Opening prayer by speaker.

4.     Demonstration of mediumship by the speaker.

5.     Chairperson calls time at approximately 9 PM or 10 PM if extra time has been given.

6.     Hymn (optional).

7.     Closing prayer by speaker.    

8.     Chairperson reads notices for the week ahead.

9.     Tea, Coffee & biscuits (On these occasions free of charge except canned drinks).


Entrance at the door priced at £4 non members of our Church & £2.50 members unless otherwise advertised due to speaker / speakers expenses.


Please note, no admittance after the stated advertised starting time.


You do not need to be a member of our Church to attend the above service, and you will be given a warm welcome.


Specials will be read out in the notices, posted on the notice board at the back of the church and published on our website.


On the above, the order of service may be changed if requested by the visiting Medium.


You will only need to obtain a ticket to enter on evenings were advertised entrance by ticket only are held. All other specials are pay on the door. Prices may vary due to speaker/speakers expenses as mentioned above.



This page, price and times have been revised as of 19th July 2019.



Denise Sheard is our Healiing Leader.


On occasions, trainee healers will be in attendance overseen by an accredited Spiritualist Healing Medium.


If you are interested in becoming a trainee Healing Medium, then please contact  Denise Sheard, or Jim Cork.


There is no entrance charge, just a free will offering.