Grimsby Spiritualist Church


35-39 Duncombe Street Grimsby N.E. Lincs DN32 7SG (UK)   Church Phone No: 07751834093   Church Charity No. 1165193



Spiritual Healing Medium

Have you thought about becoming a trainee spiritual healing medium? It's not as difficult as you think. Patience and dedication are required, as with any form of developing your mediumistic skills.


More information can be gained about becoming a trainee spiritual healing medium from either Denise Sheard (Healing Leader) or Jim Cork (Trainee Healing Medium.)


Why not come along on Tuesday evening from 7 PM to approximately 8 PM to find out more. You will be given a warm welcome and also any information that you require.


Our doors will be open from 6:15 PM.  

Healing card fro web

The card opposite is offered to each patient and is a confidential document.

The type of healing, name of the healer and how the patient felt is recorded and filed.


These cards are locked away securely after each healing session.





During the crisis, we are holding a absent healing service on Tuesday evening starting at 7 PM