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Church phone No: 01472 - 240280     Our Church is affiliated to the Spiritualist National Union.   Church Charity No. 1165193


Spiritual Healing Medium

Healers processed with blured area2

Have you thought about becoming a trainee spiritual healing medium? It's a beautiful energy to work with and can give you so much satisfaction knowing you are helping your fellow man.


It's not as difficult as you think. Patience and dedication are required, as with any form of developing your mediumistic skills.


The picture above shows three healers with their hands on their patient's shoulders. Those in the photograph posed for the photo but it shows where the healer's hands with your permission may be laid. I've also blurred out the faces of the healers for amenity purpose.


More information can be gained about becoming a trainee spiritual healing medium from either Graham Burley, Margaret West or Denise sheared.


Why not come along on Tuesday evening starting at 18:30 to approximately 19:30 to find out more. You will be given a warm welcome and also any information that you require.


More will be up-loaded soon.